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Modified on Fri, 14 Jun at 8:52 AM

Our win rate is very strong for a real professional trading system. Anyone claiming a 95% win rate is either lying or running a very high risk system that will eventually blow your account. Also, percentage gain is a better measure of performance than win rate.

It is important to note that win rate is generally misunderstood. Win rate cannot be looked at in isolation, it must be considered along with the risk : reward ratio. The combination of these two (along with Lot size) is proportional to actual profit. For example, we could have a win rate of 70% but if the risk reward ratio was below 1:0.4 we would make a net loss. Whereas, if the win rate was only 25%, but the risk to reward ratio was over 1:3 then we would make a net profit. The key to maximizing profit is to get the best balance of win rate and risk reward.

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